Can I connect with my clients off Heck Yeah’s site?

In order for Heck Yeah to connect you with eager clients and provide you with the best service possible, the following policies must be followed in all interactions with clients. 

  1. Heck Yeah, sessions must be run on Heck Yeah, using Heck Yeah’s own platform.
  2. Coaches should not share links to competitive services, including personal websites.

All sessions are carried on Heck Yeah

All communications between coaches and clients — including messaging, payments, file sharing, coaching, etc. — must take place via Heck Yeah. No off-platform communication whatsoever is allowed, including the sharing of email addresses/Skype IDs/Facebook or social media profiles. 

No promotion of personal websites / services

Skype, Zoom, and video chat app: If a client asks to connect with you via Skype, Zoom, or any video chat app, kindly steer them back to Heck Yeah video. If they need help understanding how to use Heck Yeah, offer to familiarize them with the platform. If they are having technical difficulties, suggest this link or contact Heck Yeah support by submitting a request

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites: While we expect and hope you will foster positive relationships with your clients, we do not endorse connecting with them via Linkedin, Facebook, or other social media sites. Heck Yeah works hard to protect your privacy but we cannot protect you off-site. Therefore, connecting with clients off-site is prohibited. 

Off-site payment:  Fitness Seekers might ask if they can pay you for services off-site. Off-site payments are not allowed under any circumstances. Accepting off-site payments jeopardizes your standing with Heck Yeah and is a bannable offense. Agreeing to coach with Heck Yeah requires you to conduct all transactions through the Heck Yeah platform. Our current payment policy is designed to prevent fraud, protect our coaches, and ensure that they get the payment they deserve. When coaches accept payment off-site, we cannot protect them. 

Email: Sharing of personal email addresses or other personal contact information with clients is prohibited.  Please communicate with clients solely through Heck Yeah’s internal messaging system. We cannot protect coaches from spam or harassment if communications take place off Heck Yeah. 

If you are having a troubleshooting issue or have any questions about off-site communications, please ask our support team. We are happy to help!

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