Heck Yeah Bannable Offenses

The following list of prohibited actions are bannable offenses on Heck Yeah. Any of the following actions could result in a member’s deactivation and removal from the platform. 

  1. Scheduling or starting sessions with yourself or fake clients
  2. Any efforts to send or receive money from Heck Yeah coaches or clients off-platform
  3. Any efforts to recruit coaches or clients to work or train off-platform
  4. Any attempt to exchange private contact information with Heck Yeah coaches or clients
  5. Money laundering or theft
  6. Spam messaging
  7. Running sessions off of the Heck Yeah platform without written permission from Heck Yeah
  8. Any instances of bullying, threats, abuse, or use of offensive language towards Heck Yeah clients, staff, or coaches
  9. Nudity, sexual comments or content, and/or attempts to use Heck Yeah as a dating site
  10. Repeatedly asking for free sessions or services
  11. Fraudulent use of credit cards or other payment methods  
  12. Identity fraud
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