How do Heck Yeah credits work?

Heck Yeah credits enable you to purchase sessions with a coach of your choice and are available immediately.

When you book a session(s) with your coach, any Heck Yeah Credits that you have are applied automatically. 

NOTE: Heck Yeah credits balance and transactions are listed on your Unscheduled sessions page. 

To redeem Heck Yeah credits:

On the checkout and confirmation screen, we will notify you of your Heck Yeah credit balance with the checkbox “Heck Yeah Credit”.

Heck Yeah Credit

The credits can be applied in full — or in part — to your purchase total. 

If the amount of Heck Yeah Credit completely covers the amount of your purchase, simply tap “Pay” to complete your purchase.


If your Heck Yeah credit covers a portion of your purchase: 

  1. Add your credit card information and tap “Pay”.
  2. Now your purchase is complete and you have applied your Heck Yeah credits towards sessions on Heck Yeah. 
  3. Your remaining balance will be listed on the receipt page. 

*NOTE: While all Heck Yeah credits are valid for one year after the date they were issued, they will expire after 6 months of inactivity. To reactivate expired credit, please contact

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