How do I cancel a session with a client?

Please cancel sessions with clients only under extreme circumstances. Make sure to send a message to the client about the cancellation. 

Please note: If you cancel a session, you do not get paid for that session, and your client will receive a 100% refund of the session’s cost in Heck Yeah credits, regardless of how far in advance you canceled. In the case of a coach cancelling, the client always receives a full refund. 

Rescheduling is often a simpler option. Please see “How do I reschedule or unschedule a session with a client?”

If you must  cancel a session, please do the following:

  1. Go to your Sessions.
  2. Find the session you want to cancel, swipe right and you will see the option to cancel 

    Alternatively, you can open your session and find the “Cancel session” option.
  3. Write the reason for canceling the session in the pop-up screen and tap “Cancel session”

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