How do I cancel a session?

If you realize you cannot attend a session or do not wish to continue training with a particular coach, you can cancel your session(s) and receive a 100% or 50% refund in the form of Heck Yeah credits. 

The amount of the refund depends on the state of the session (scheduled vs unscheduled), as well as the time between your cancellation and the session’s start time (if the session is scheduled).

NOTE: When to reschedule: If there are more than 12 hours before your session’s start time, and you wish to take the session with your coach at another time, you may reschedule the session. Please see “How do I reschedule or unschedule my session”. 

If you wish to cancel your session, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your Sessions, find the session you want to cancel, and swipe right to show the cancel button:

Or you can cancel your session directly from the session page:

  1. In both cases, the system will require a confirmation:
  2. Explain your reason for canceling and tap “Cancel Session”:
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