How do I create a good profile photo?

Your profile picture is the first glimpse clients will get of you, and your photo should inspire them to trust you and want to work with you. 

When choosing the perfect profile picture, keep these tips in mind:

Choose good lighting

When outdoors, choose a cloudy day or a shady area without direct sunlight. If indoors, avoid harsh overhead lights that create shadows but choose natural light instead. 

Full body makes face hard to see
Good lightning and cropped around the face

Have a simple  background

Your profile photo will look best with a plain, light background that is uncluttered. Some options are solid, muted-color walls, the side of a concrete or brick building, or a simple outdoor background. 

Not looking at camera
Facing the camera

Focus on your face

Turn to face the camera directly, or stand with your shoulders at a slight angle.  The image should show only your head and the top of your shoulders, so crop it if necessary. Wear athletic attire and remember to smile! Smiling coaches appear warm, friendly, and trustworthy to prospective clients.

Too much body
Focused on the face

Arrange the photoshoot

Whether someone takes the photo for you, or you set up a tripod and take it yourself, make sure to use the highest resolution to ensure a crisp, clear photo. If possible, take several photos in different locations with varied poses and backdrops so you will have a variety to choose from.

Bad lightning
Good lightning
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