How do I get clients?

How do I recruit new clients?

Share your profile or Heck Yeah app on social media! Let people know that you have a platform where they can book you directly for a one-on-one training lessons.

How do I retain existing clients?

  1. Always be punctual and do not miss sessions. If for some reason you do arrive late or miss a session, communicate with your client, and resolve the problem as soon as possible. Your Inbox will notify you of any unresolved issues. Any items marked “Deactivated” are sessions you never started and your client didn’t report. 
  2. If clients experience any technical problems that prevent them from joining sessions or fully utilizing Heck Yeah’s services, gain their trust by helping them resolve their problems. These steps will guide you through the process.
  3. Create a course to encourage your clients to buy a bundle.
  4. Demonstrate to your clients exactly how you can enhance their fitness skills by creating a training plan to show after each trial session. 
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