How do I make a good profile video?

 Probably the most important part of your profile page, your coach introduction video is. your opportunity to demonstrate your personality, mention your skills and credentials, and explain to clients why you’re the right fitness coach for them. Keep  things simple and concise. 

Good Examples

Recommended Format


  • 2-4 minutes.


  • State your name
  • Talk briefly about your experience, skills, and relevant background
  • Demonstrate a short, simple training session
  • Encourage clients to take private sessions with you on Heck Yeah 


  • Show your enthusiasm with a smile and a positive attitude. 
  • Videos should be simple, personal, and to the point.
  • Feel free to be creative, but unless you have excellent video editing skills, you should avoid complicated special effects. Unprofessional video editing might actually sabotage your video.,
  • Show your face.


  • Choose a space with excellent lighting. Avoid dark rooms and shadows.
  • Make sure your environment is nice and tidy. The fewer distractions you have in the background, the better a client will be able to focus on you.
  • If possible, record in front of a solid-color wall. 


  • At least some portion of your video should be in the language that you will primarily use for coaching. .
  • If you speak more than one language , feel free to record your video in each language.

Things to avoid

  • Do not mention your email, skype id, or any other websites/blogs. All coaching and all communication with clients must be done through Heck Yeah.
  • Do not enable ads on your video.


  • Make sure audio and video are of high quality.
  • Record your video on your mobile and then upload it to YouTube.


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