How do I purchase sessions?

  1. Go to the Explore page, select a coach who fits your fitness goals, and tap on their photo. 
  2. To make sure it’s the right coach for you, review his/her profile details, video, and availability schedule. You can see their availability by taping on their name to go to their profile page. 
  1. Once you have found the right coach, tap “Book Now” on the coach’s profile page. 
  2. Choose the number of sessions you want to purchase and provide your payment information. 
  1. Complete your purchase by taping “Select Package.”
  1. The screen below appears after you purchase the session(s). 

If you bought a multi-session package, you may tap the blue “Schedule remaining sessions” button to schedule the date and time of the sessions. Or, if you aren’t ready now, you may schedule them later from your Sessions page.

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