How to record a great Heck Yeah video profile

Thank you for your interest in coaching with Heck Yeah. Here are some tips that will help you create an outstanding 2-4-minute video profile. 

Introduction (30-60 seconds)

Briefly introduce yourself by giving some basic information such as your name, area of expertise, qualifications, experience, etc. DO NOT share your contact details or talk about other training platforms. 

Training Example (90-180 seconds)

Demonstrate a mini-session or some interesting exercises for the sport or recreational category that you specialize in. This will give potential clients the opportunity to see your training style and get a glimpse of your expertise. Feel free to get creative!

Show your face

Make sure viewers can see your face. Try to be be friendly and confident.


If you will not be recording in English, please add English subtitles or make sure at least part of your video is in English. 

No clients

Please DO NOT show clients in your video.


At the most basic levels, this means decent sound quality, enough natural-looking light, and shots that are relatively stable.


Choose a nice, quiet location to shoot in. There should be enough natural light and the area should be clean and organized. If you plan to shoot outside or in a large indoor area, you should use a microphone.

Use your mobile

Most smartphones and tablets have cameras that are perfectly suitable for creating a video profile.

Using a mobile device

If you don’t own a dedicated camera, a mobile device with at least 720p HD resolution (almost all smartphones have this or better) is perfectly fine to record your video. Here are some tips for creating a great video with a smartphone.

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