How do I reschedule a session with a client?

If you need to reschedule a session for any reason, please find the session on your Sessions page and select the reschedule icon by swiping left. To reschedule a session for any reason, locate the session on your Sessions page and swipe left to select the “reschedule” icon. 

You can also request rescheduling directly from the session page:

Next, tap “Suggest new time,” which will open a calendar to help you choose a new time to suggest to your client. 

The new time suggestion will be sent to the client, who must tap “Accept” in order to reschedule the session. Until that time, the session will have a status of “awaits scheduling.” 

Alternatively, you can choose “Let client select new time,” in which case the session will be considered “unscheduled” until the client chooses a new time at his or her convenience. 

Finally, remember that communication between coaches and clients is always of utmost importance. Always write a polite message explaining to your clients why you are rescheduling, canceling, or requesting to reschedule.

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