How personal trainer referral work

You could earn more money by inviting friends to train with Heck Yeah. If you invite them and they complete a certain number of training sessions in the time allotted, you earn an extra amount.


Invite a pro that is new to Heck Yeah using your referral link (you can find in your app)


You can track your friends’ progress in the app. We’ll also follow up with an email to keep you posted on their status.


Earn a reward if your friend completes a certain number of training sessions and meets all other conditions.

After your friend completes the specified number of training sessions and satisfies the requirements of the referral offer, you’ll see a reward added to your account, and it will appear in your statement the following week.

How much can I earn?

Referral rewards vary by campaign. You can look up the reward offered in your app.

How do I refer someone on desktop?

Currently, you can’t. The referral is only available through Heck Yeah mobile app on both Android and iOS.

How do I know if my friend received their invitation?

You can track the progress of your friends as soon as they sign up.

What if my friend is having trouble signing up?

Send us an email to our support team with the details.

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