I am a new client. How do I get started?

Set up your technology


Install the Heck Yeah mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store and open it to join your session. 

NOTE: if you try to join a session using the web browser of your mobile device instead of an app, it will not work. 

Your smartphone must have a working microphone and camera (either external or internal).

Headphones or earbuds are recommended to reduce any echo during your sessions. 

Internet Connection

To connect to video sessions on Heck Yeah, you will need a solid internet connection with a download speed of greater than 10Mbps and an upload speed of more than 1Mbps. 

We recommend that you run an internet speed test to make sure you are able to connect. Various websites offer speed tests. One option is https://fast.com/.

Purchase Sessions

Heck Yeah makes it easy to purchase 1, 5, 10, or more sessions with a coach. Please visit link for easy, step-by-step instructions on purchasing sessions. 

Schedule Sessions

To learn how to schedule your sessions, visit link.

Join your session 

Shortly before your session begins, please do the following:

  1.  Go to your Sessions.
  2. Tap on your upcoming session, and you will see the session details. 
  3. When it is time for the session to begin, the coach will start it. As soon as this happens, you will see a “Join Session” button appear on the session page. Tap “Join Session.” 

Now your session has begun! 

IMPORTANT: If you have any problems with your session (technical difficulties, late arrival, absent coach, etc.), follow these instructions.

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