I am a new coach. How do I start a session?

Heck Yeah sessions are conducted using Heck Yeah Video, our integrated video chat technology. To start the session, you need to open Heck Yeah in one of the supported mobile platforms: iOS or Android.  Once Heck Yeah is open please do the following:

  1. Go to your Sessions.
  2. A green “Start Session” button will appear on the session details screen at the start time. When it is time for your session, tap “Start Session”.
  1.  Check your audio and video. Once you are ready, tap “Start Session”. 
  2. Now you are in the session! Wait for your client to join.

IMPORTANT! If you do not follow these steps to lead a session, you will not be paid. If you lead a session on Skype or another platform, you will not be paid for your session. If you report a problem with a session. Likewise, you will not be paid if you report an issue with the session and resolve the issue to unscheduled, returning the session to the client to retake in the future; or paid in full if you resolve the issue to 50% or 100% refund.

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