I am a new coach. How does Heck Yeah work?

Clients Purchase Sessions

On your coach profile page, clients will have the option to buy 1, 5, or 10+ sessions as well as a 30-minute trial session (should you decide to offer these). Your Heck Yeah inbox will send you a notification whenever a client books a private session with you, and you will also receive notification to your private email address and smartphone.   

Personal Messaging

Fitness Seekers will have the option to send you personal messages before and after booking their first session. Make sure to reply to each client. Use this opportunity to share any necessary materials with them, discuss their fitness level and goals, answer their questions, and generally prepare them for the session. 

Start your session

At the scheduled time, your session starts with the tap of a button. As soon as your session is live, your client will be able to join and your session can begin.

Coach your session

All sessions take place on the Heck Yeah platform. Android and iOS smartphones are the two supported devices for the Heck Yeah platform.

Get paid 

You will get paid shortly after your session is completed. Heck Yeah receives a 15% commission, so coaches earn 85% of whatever they charge. Earnings are visible on your Earning page. Balance is unlocked every Sunday or Monday (depending on your time zone) and can be cashed out at any time. 

I am ready to coach!  Where do I begin? 

Before your first session, please carefully read  how to start a session.

IMPORTANT: You will not be paid if you do not follow Heck Yeah’s specific guidelines for leading a session. If you stream a session on Zoom, Skype, or another website or platform, you will not be paid for your session.

What if a client misses a session? Please read this explanation of what to do when a client misses a session, What if I miss a session? This link explains which steps to take. what to do if you miss your session.

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