I missed a session. What should I do?

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances cause clients to miss a session. If you know in advance that you will be unable to attend a session, be sure to reschedule or unschedule your session (if your session is more than 12 hours away), or cancel it (if it is less than 12 hours away). 

Coaches are paid for sessions that clients miss without notice. In some extreme cases, depending on the circumstances, coaches may be willing to offer a partial or complete refund or reschedule the missed session. All decisions about sessions missed without notice are up to the coach’s discretion. 

Appeals to coaches regarding missed sessions can be handled in the following manner: 

  1. Go to your Sessions page.
  2.  Find the session you missed. If your coach attended it, it will be marked “Completed.” If she or he didn’t attend, it will be marked “Incomplete.”
  3. Once you have found your session, tap on the arrow, and choose “Report Issue”.
  4. Select the reason. If applicable, report any technical difficulties that prevented you from attending the session. 
  5. Tap “Report”.

Please note: since decisions on missed sessions are up to the coach’s discretion, refunds are not guaranteed.

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