I need to take some days off. How do I edit my calendar/availability?

Whether you are going on vacation or need to schedule a few days off, you can easily adjust your calendar to remove availability and prevent clients from scheduling sessions with you. 

To remove availability from your calendar, please do the following:

  1. Go to your Availability Calendar or navigate to it by taping the calendar icon at the header of the Heck Yeah app and then select the gear icon.
  1. Use the forward arrow to locate the week in which you wish to remove availability.
  1. Tap on cells that you wish to change
  1. Tap the time slots to remove specific times from your calendar. Times that are successfully removed from your calendar will be marked in grey. You can apply changes to specific days, the same day over many weeks, or customize an ending date.

[Screenshot to apply to date, same day, and custom]

NOTE:  Please remember that your calendar is set to your local time zone and would not reflect your new location if you travel..IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A PAUSE IN COACHING, SEND A REQUEST TO SUPPORT@HECKYEAH.IO AND WE CAN PAUSE YOUR ACCOUNT

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