Can I connect with my clients off Heck Yeah’s site?

In order for Heck Yeah to connect you with eager clients and provide you with the best service possible, the following policies must be followed in all interactions with clients.  Heck Yeah, sessions must be run on Heck Yeah, using Heck Yeah’s own platform. Coaches should not share links to competitive services, including personal websites. … Continue reading “Can I connect with my clients off Heck Yeah’s site?”

By Bassel ANJOUKEH on July 24, 2020

Heck Yeah Bannable Offenses

The following list of prohibited actions are bannable offenses on Heck Yeah. Any of the following actions could result in a member’s deactivation and removal from the platform.  Scheduling or starting sessions with yourself or fake clients Any efforts to send or receive money from Heck Yeah coaches or clients off-platform Any efforts to recruit … Continue reading “Heck Yeah Bannable Offenses”