How do I make a good profile video?

 Probably the most important part of your profile page, your coach introduction video is. your opportunity to demonstrate your personality, mention your skills and credentials, and explain to clients why you’re the right fitness coach for them. Keep  things simple and concise.  Good Examples Recommended Format Length 2-4 minutes. Structure State your name Talk briefly … Continue reading “How do I make a good profile video?”

By Bassel ANJOUKEH on July 24, 2020

How to record a great Heck Yeah video profile

Thank you for your interest in coaching with Heck Yeah. Here are some tips that will help you create an outstanding 2-4-minute video profile.  Introduction (30-60 seconds) Briefly introduce yourself by giving some basic information such as your name, area of expertise, qualifications, experience, etc. DO NOT share your contact details or talk about other … Continue reading “How to record a great Heck Yeah video profile”