What is Heck Yeah’s refund policy?

If I don’t want to take sessions anymore, can I get a refund for my remaining sessions? 

On Heck Yeah, all purchases are final. Purchased sessions cannot be refunded to the original form of payment

However, purchased sessions may be canceled and refunded as Heck Yeah credit. If you wish to complete the remainder of your sessions with a different coach, you may cancel your sessions for a 100% Heck Yeah credit refund, which you may use to book with a different coach. 

If I am not happy with my coach, can I get a refund? 

Yes, if you do not wish to continue training with your particular coach, you may cancel all remaining sessions and receive an automatic Heck Yeah credit refund. These credits can be used to book sessions with a different coach on Heck Yeah. 

I have Heck Yeah credit on my account. Can I get a refund to my original form of payment? 

All Heck Yeah purchases are final. Sessions that your purchase are yours to keep and cannot be refunded to your original form of payment.  

Heck Yeah credit expires after 6 months but can be reactivated by contacting support@heckyeah.io with a reactivation request. Credits can be reactivated only once and then will be valid for 6 months after reactivation. Any use of the credits will push the expiration of your credits forward 6 months. We cannot reactivate credits if more than a year has passed since they expired. 

I was incorrectly charged. What can I do? 

If you believe you have been incorrectly charged, please contact our support team at support@heckyeah.io with a detailed explanation and we will be happy to investigate. Heck Yeah must receive refund requests within 30 days of the charge.

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