What is the Code of Conduct for Heck Yeah coaches?

  1. Be an Ambassador for the platform.

As a coach you should display a positive attitude about Heck Yeah at all times. Do not make any negative comments about the platform to your clients. 

  1. Be professional and responsive

To ensure that your clients have a consistently positive experience with you as a Heck Yeah coach, always act with a high level of professionalism. Respond quickly to clients’ messages and questions.          

  1. Be punctual and attend all sessions

Coaches should attend every class and avoid unnecessary cancellations or rescheduling. While unforeseen circumstances might cause occasional scheduling conflicts, please make sure to keep changes to a minimum and always fulfill 100% of your commitments. 

  1.  Be helpful and patient

If clients experience technical difficulties, please assist them patiently. Use these troubleshooting steps to help them resolve their problem.  

If all else fails, encourage them to contact our support team at support@heckyeah.io.

  1.  Motivate and retain your clients 

Encourage your clients to schedule sessions as often as possible to enhance their fitness level. Help them see their Heck Yeah workouts as an ingrained habit and an integral part of their wellness routine. At the end of each session, remember to suggest another one. 

  1. Explain the reason for any session change

If you must cancel, reschedule, or make any change to your session with a client, you must explain the reason why in the box provided.

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