What is the Code of Conduct for Heck Yeah Fitness Seekers?

Heck Yeah Fitness Seeker Code of Conduct

  1. Always communicate with Heck Yeah coaches and staff with good manners and professionalism. 

Heck Yeah coaches are professional fitness experts whose goal is to enhance your fitness, and Heck Yeah staff are at your service. Always remember that Heck Yeah is a professional setting where normal rules of appropriate behavior apply. 

  1. Be respectful of your coach’s time 

Remember that your coaches are real live humans who are waiting for you when a session is scheduled! Always communicate with your coach(es) as soon as possible if you are going to be late or absent. It is possible to cancel or reschedule sessions when necessary.

Heck Yeah Bannable Offenses

The following actions are not permitted on Heck Yeah and may lead to account deactivation and removal from the platform. 

  1. Scheduling or starting sessions with yourself or with fake clients
  2. Efforts to send or receive money from Heck Yeah coaches or clients off-platform
  3. Any efforts to recruit Heck Yeah coaches or clients to work or train on other platforms
  4. Exchanging or requesting private contact information from Heck Yeah coaches or clients
  5. Running sessions off the Heck Yeah platform without explicit written permission from Heck Yeah
  6. Bullying or threats toward Heck Yeah coaches, clients, or staff, or any use of abusive or offensive language
  7. Sexual content or talk, nudity, and/or using Heck Yeah as a dating site
  8. Fraudulent use of credit cards or other payment methods
  9. Identity fraud
  10. Money laundering or theft
  11. Spam messaging
  12. Repeatedly asking for free sessions and services
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