What technology do I need to join my Heck Yeah session?


  1. You will need to install the Heck Yeah mobile app from the App Store or Google Play and open it to join your session.
  2. Ensure that your smartphone or tablet has a working microphone and camera (internal or external).
  3. Headphones or earbuds are recommended to avoid any echo during your sessions.

Internet Connection

To connect to video sessions on Heck Yeah, you must have a solid internet connection with a download speed of more than 10Mbps and upload speed of more than 1Mbps. We recommend that you run an internet speed test to make sure you are able to connect. Various websites offer speed tests. One option is https://fast.com/.

IMPORTANT: If you attempt to join a session using the web browser of a mobile device instead of the Heck Yeah app, it will not work.

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