How Has Covid-19 Affected The Fitness Industry?

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This year, I think it’s safe to say that Coronavirus has hit us all in many ways. In the fitness industry especially, we’ve seen gyms closed for months, and classes canceled and group numbers halved. Gyms have closed their doors for the very last time and some personal trainers have started to work in other industries. 

All fitness professionals have needed to innovate to keep generating profits. That being said, it’s also been a time for the fitness industry to flourish. 

In this article, we’re going to give you an insight into how Coronavirus has affected the industry and what it could mean for you going forward.

Health has become a priority

During the lockdown, exercise has been actively encouraged by governments around the world to avoid another health crisis. Health has become a priority for many, with news outlets and press releases encouraging the public to be more mindful about lifestyle choices. With reports about exercise and immunity by many news outlets, it’s a great time to jump on the bandwagon and make a success of your fitness business.

Now would be a good time to empower potential clients with ways to exercise at home or within their social bubble. After the mad rush over the past few months and equipment out of stock, clients are now able to purchase equipment to work out at home.

If only they had a personal trainer in their pocket… 

Social distancing and sanitising are the new normal

For the gyms and classes that have reopened, regular sanitising schedules and social distancing guidelines have been put into place to ensure the safety of customers. Keeping the areas sanitised for customers is important to help them feel like the gym is a safe space.

With social distancing in place, gyms have a much lower capacity and attendance rates have significantly dropped. Motivation is at an all time high, yet membership purchasing is down – which makes it a bit of a strange time! 

Some have taken to holding classes in open spaces to increase numbers, but as winter is coming this may not be viable long term. Peloton had to increase production to meet with increasing demand for an at-home workout solution. 

How could you be creative to accommodate your customer’s needs? How can health and wellness professionals grow in this period of crisis? It may be time to consider my next point…

Classes have moved online

Fitness classes have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years, but as lockdown began, more have been tuning in online to get their fitness fix. Online classes have allowed even the most vulnerable to start and continue their fitness journey without putting themselves at risk. The best part is, anybody can start growing their fitness business online

We’ve seen Joe Wickes fitness coach run daily PE lessons for students (and parents!), tapping into a new market and making a success of it. Not only did he see a significant increase in engagement, but Joe was also featured by news outlets around the world and increased revenue by monetizing videos.

Other big names like Les Mills and BeachBody are seeing a significant increase in online class attendance. This not only keeps fitness seekers safe, but it also gives them the freedom to exercise when and where they want. 

We’ve also seen fitness influencers grow on Youtube and Instagram as more are looking to get change their lifestyle habits. This is a time where anybody in the fitness industry can make a success of their business if they know how to innovate and meet customer’s needs.

Personal Trainers have been left on their own 

Many personal trainers have been relying on getting new clients from gyms that they work with. As we’ve seen recently, you shouldn’t put all of your eggs into one basket! 

The great thing is, technology allows us to reach thousands of people at the click of a button. You can reach potential clients through social media or innovative applications. The gym isn’t the only place for you to reach a new audience. 

Introducing… our business model at Heck Yeah. We are here to help you make a success of your fitness business online by giving you access to thousands of potential clients. 

We are an online marketplace where sports seekers can take sessions with professional sports coaches and personal trainers from anywhere around the world.  Empowering sports seekers around the world to become fit and active, we give fitness professionals an extra source of revenue. 

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