How To Fit Training Into Your Busy Life

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Life is busy. It’s hard to find the motivation, let alone the time to work out. Whether it’s juggling work, family, social or other commitments – fitting in a workout a few times a week can seem like an ambitious feat. Even in the times of Covid, we still “don’t have the time”…. Or could this just be an excuse for some?

While Netflix binges can be tempting (calling myself out here!) the benefits of exercising far outweigh the FOMO!

So how can we make time to fit a work out in?

How is it that some people manage to juggle work and home life while working out 3 times a week?

First, we need to look at our priorities. Why is it you want to work out? Would you like more energy? Bikini bod for 2021? Health concerns? Finding out key motivators is crucial for a successful workout plan. Spend some time now thinking about why you want to start training, and how you will feel when you reach your fitness goals. 

Feels good, right? 

Hold on to that, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices! 

Cut Out Activities That Aren’t Aligned With Your Goals

If you have a habit of spending 5 hours in front of the TV every evening or scrolling social media until you feel tired, this is a great excuse for cutting that down. Not only can blue-light disrupt our sleep, but the activity itself isn’t giving us any benefit. Cut down on the habits that do not serve you and replace them with those that do. 

To start with, you may want to work out with Netflix on – I’ve seen it at gyms I’ve worked with. On the treadmill doing a 10k, and the runner is watching Netflix on their phone! It’s a good way to distract yourself if you need it, and only requires an adaptation of a habit. 

Start Slowly

There’s no need to try to run a 10k or complete a hardcore HIIT workout right away. Ease yourself into it slowly. Your body needs to adjust to the new level of demand.

Check out your current skill level and most importantly, the exercise that you enjoy. The more you enjoy the exercise the more likely you are to keep it as a habit. If you’re just going in for the hardest one put yourself off or worse – injure yourself! The only person we should aim to be better than is ourselves.

Schedule Time In Regularly

Being consistent in your workouts will not only get results but over time it will become a habit. Block some time out in your calendar specifically for working out. Whether it’s getting a walk in on your lunch break or a home workout session at 7pm 3x a week – see what works for you.

Block out time specifically in your calendar to exercise, the simple act of blocking time can motivate us to get started. Choose a time that works for you on a regular basis to build it into a habit.

Get Moving When You Have A Minute

If you’re a caffeine freak like me, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time waiting for the kettle to boil or the coffee to brew.

Use this time to do some squats, bicep dips, or even some stretching exercises. These minutes add up throughout the day and before you know it, you’ve done a full workout without realizing it. While it may seem a little uncomfortable at first, but if nobody is around – who cares?

Eat More Mindfully

When starting an exercise regimen it works best paired with a healthy eating plan. Not only will it eliminate excess calories, but it will also fuel you better for workouts. As always, consult your primary care provider before making any drastic changes to your diet. There are many variables that determine the best diet for you.

Simple tips like adding more sources of fruit, veg, healthy fat and proteins while cutting down sugar and carbohydrates can make a big difference. Consult a nutritionist if you’re unsure what will work for you. 

Consider Getting A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is not only there to guide you on exercises to reach your goals, but also to motivate you to reach them. If fitness is something completely new to you, a PT can be a great way to keep yourself motivated and keep you accountable.

The American Society of Training and Development conductivity a study on accountability. They found that you have a 65% of completing a goal if you commit to someone – be it a trainer or instructor. Other findings include; if you have an appointment with a person you’ve committed to, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

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