How You Can Provide A Great Experience For Trainees

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Keeping your trainees motivated and coming back for more makes a successful fitness business. As a professional trainer, you need to give clients a reason to come back to you instead of heading to a competitor. This is where knowledge can only go so far! 

In this article we’re going to go over the ways you can provide a great experience for trainees and gain repeat business. 

Show Up On Time 

You expect your clients to be there on time, so should you. Tardiness is unprofessional and feels disrespectful to the trainee. Make sure you’re set up ahead of time ready to get going at your scheduled slot.

It’s good to have a buffer between scheduled slots to not only have a rest yourself but to give you time to get ready for your next trainee. This extra time allows you to read through previous notes to familiarise yourself with the client. 

Use Your Clients Name & Remember “Small” Details

Refer to your trainees by their names as this helps to build up a rapport. After each session, write up details of your session in a notebook or online document highlighting any concerns you may have spoken about. This gives you conversation starters for the next session and helps the client to feel valued. 

Tools like Google Docs/Google Drive are free and enable you to keep everything organized in one place.

Ask Lots Of Questions

Following on from the last point, ask lots of questions. The aim here is to get to know the client so you can tailor the workout to their goals. A great way to do this is with an induction questionnaire or a discovery session. What is their reason for starting a fitness program? What are their key motivators? What is their current activity level? Now would also be the time to get details of any injuries and gauge your current skill level.

Create A Safe Space

Trust is key to keeping your clients coming back for more. Health & Wellness is a very personal subject and sometimes difficult to discuss. Create a space of no judgment for your client to share their experiences. The key is to make them feel listened to by giving your undivided attention.

Create Move Variations/Progressions

Sometimes, trainees can surprise us with their abilities so it’s a good idea to create move variations for all abilities. A client may be suffering from a bad wrist that day which makes weight bearing on the wrists impossible – it’s always good to be prepared for any situation.

Choose Suitable Music For The Session

Some clients will prefer music, some will prefer none. Consider setting up a playlist to share with your client for use during sessions. Music is a known mood enhancer and motivation booster, use that power to your clients advantage. Make sure the music is appropriate to the class by choosing a style that works with the session, in a suitable bpm range.

Be Yourself!

We bet you’ve got a great personality, don’t be afraid to use a little humour and share some personal experiences. AI is getting sophisticated, but right now people aren’t interested in getting robots to train them! Small talk goes a long way, and can open up topics to discuss which can help your client feel more confident and build a relationship. 

BONUS: Don’t forget to upsell

At the end of the session when your client is singing your praises (that’s what we all want, right?!), this is a very good time to upsell another session.

Repeat bookings are often completed shortly after a session while clients are on an endorphin high – consider offering a block of sessions or a 12-week plan. If you are skilled in other disciplines, you can also offer taster sessions of these too.

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