Harness The Power Of Win-Win

It’s our way of making the pie bigger so that everybody wins

Earn 50 € for every fellow pro you refer to Heck Yeah

Invite a pro

Invite a pro that is new to Heck Yeah using your referral link

Refer a personal trainer

When accepted

Track your friends’ progress in the app once they sign up.

You earn

Get paid once the person you referred has 500€ of total earnings on Heck Yeah

Download the app and start earning

Simple steps to invite friends

1) On the Heck Yeah app, tap the Profile icon.

2) Tap Invite friends and then tap the Share Link button.

3) Select text, email, or social media and send invites.

Download the app and start earning


Checking in with your friend

Helping your friend

Signing up is a multistep process, as you know. If your friend is stuck on a certain step, you can help them to reach out to us. 

Sharing on social media

Social media is a great way to get the word out to friends and people you know who may be interested in coaching with Heck Yeah. You can reach your entire network in seconds. To do it in the app, go to Profile, then Invite friends, tap Share Link, and select Facebook or Twitter icons.

Download the app and start earning

Frequently asked questions

Referral rewards vary by country. You can look up the reward offered in your country in your app.

Currently, we only support sharing using Heck Yeah mobile app. 

You can track the progress of your friends as soon as they sign up.

For the time being, only approved personal trainers can invite fellow pros. 

Download the app and start earning

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