3 Reasons Why Exercising Online Makes Workouts More Effective

Why exercising online is more effective
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You might think that exercising online is just another pandemic fad or temporary necessity, but it was already growing in popularity well before 2020. There are a number of good reasons why.

Greater convenience, more flexibility, an abundance of options and the potential to save money rather than frittering it away on a membership you only use twice a month all come to mind. These are all solid reasons to step out of your comfort zone and try online training. Ultimately, however, the reason you exercise is to be healthy, fit and in good shape. So, how does online exercise compare to more traditional methods in this regard?

As it turns out, quite favorably actually. While it can be a big adjustment if you’re used to a different way of doing things, there are a number of reasons why exercising online can make your workouts more effective. Here are the most important ones…

Back to basics

At first, exercising online without all the amenities available at your local gym or studio may be a little intimidating. We’re used to having a smorgasbord of options at our disposal, but does all that equipment actually help? Well, it depends on what your goals are. If you’re training for a bodybuilding contest and need to focus on sculpting each and every muscle in the body, specific types of gym equipment may be necessary. For the rest of us, working with our bodyweight, makeshift props and simple equipment like dumbbells and a yoga mat is more than enough.

In fact, paring back the amount of stuff you use when you work out actually makes sense for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you’re less likely to get injured when using just your bodyweight and a few simple props or pieces of equipment. It also ensures that you will gain muscle and shape your body more proportionally. Exercising online also encourages you to focus more on what you’re doing and not copying or trying to compete with those around you in brick-and-mortar establishments.

Time is on your side

When it comes to being more efficient and effective, time matters. When exercising online, you can be anywhere and work out whenever suits you best. Time that would normally be spent on getting to and from your place of exercise can be reallocated to exercise itself. This means probably anywhere between 15 minutes to over an hour that can be used to lengthen your session, do proper warmups and warmdowns, do some meditation or simply to rest properly. If you’re the kind of person who has such a busy lifestyle that going out to exercise doesn’t even register on your radar, online training is a total gamechanger.

Besides giving you more time to work with, exercising online also enables you to use your time as you see fit. If you work long hours, nights or travel a lot for your job, it’s virtually impossible to get to traditional places of exercise in hours that suit you. This is not an issue in the digital world. Apps don’t have working hours and being able to do classes or work with trainers from different timezones completely eliminates timing-related issues.

Greater security = More focus

This one will resonate with certain people more than others. If you’ve ever experienced gymtimidation, harassment or straight-up abuse while trying to exercise, you’ll know exactly what we mean. It’s impossible to give your best and get in the zone when you’re looking over your shoulder and worrying. In most cases, it isn’t blatant abuse but rather gawking stares, off-hand comments and “advice” about your form that does the damage.

No matter whether you feel mild discomfort or existential dread at the thought of training around others, exercising online is the answer. Maybe it’s not even a case of others making you feel bad, but rather your own insecurities or a tendency to compare yourself with those around you? Either way, moving to the digital space can seriously reduce anxiety and thus improve your performance and results dramatically.

Exercising online with Heck Yeah

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits of exercising online, you’ll need to figure out which corner of the internet to head to in order to get started. But there’s no point in trading in one stress for another and the web is an unfathomably large place.

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